White & Santiags

Hello, hellooo! It’s been like 12 DAYS I haven’t posted anything here (oups) so here I am, finally.  

Francisco went on vacation last week with the camera and all our photo-shoots and left me with zero materials. Thank you honey. NEVER AGAIN. The positive thing is that I took a little break from social media and it was quite refreshing but.. Now I’m a little bored so let’s get back to business!

I did my hair last week and I haven’t shown you yet; I still have to used myself to this new blondie head haha. In the meanwhile, here is a look taken few weeks ago with my old hair in beautiful Nancy. I think I fell in love with this city.. I’m literally obsessed! May I move in pleeease?

So, I was wearing a white dress with crochet details at the sleeves and my new pairs of santiags I had on sale during summer. The perfect combo for the current indian summer in Belgium.

I hope you like the outfit! Kisses from Bella and I.