White Dress

We all have our perfect little black dress in our closet; the piece that goes with everything and you can wear almost at any occasion without going wrong. Well, as much as I love black clothes, I think that a little touch of white is so pretty for the beautiful upcoming days of spring. 

Unlike the little black dress that doesn’t need any particular effort to be well worn, the perfect white one is much more complicated to find and wear, to not fall in the “wedding dress” cliché. I found this one in a local store in Playa del Carmen and I knew this was the one! First of all, it’s not entirely white, the olive green and black lines at the bottom and the neck surrounded by pearls give a nice contrast to the classic style of the dress. Some silver bracelet and a pair of sandals and voilà, that’s all there is to it!

For wearing well a white dress, I would say that you have to accessorize it a lot. Don’t be afraid of wearing a lot of bracelet, rings, collar and even ephemeral tattoos! All this give such a lovely touch to a basic outfit, and you can be sure you’ll not fall in the white wedding dress cliché! Hope you like it.

With love,