Tropical Avocado

I love doing smoothies when I feel peckish. It's plenty of vitamin, creamy, it helps me very well to stave off hunger. I was a little bored of traditional red berries smoothies, as I am more a tropical fruits girl but furthermore, I wanted to try something different. I already tried green juice/smoothies with spinach, it was good but it didn't satisfy me that much

I love avocados. I mean, with a Chilean boyfriend who was raised with avocados, who swears only with avocados, who wants to get an avocado tattoo (yes, yes... The struggle is real), I hasn't really had the choice to like it too. Haha.

Well, this smoothie became one of my favorite by far. If you don't really feel the avocado taste, don't worry; you can barely feel it mixed with the others fruits. This is delicious. 

I hope you guys like this post, feel free to give me some feedback if you try it!

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With love,