State of Mind

Hello there! Thank you for all your comments on the last blog post, I am so glad you like it and all the feedbacks were so lovely. #LoveLoveLove

Today’s post is a little bit different, as I will not talk about my outfit, travel or design inspiration but my actually feeling about blogging. Osiarah is only 5 months old (I’m talking like a mommy) and I feel that Francisco and I have grow so much about blogging skills, social media and mostly how to run a project together during this short period of time. If you are a new reader, you maybe don’t know that we always work together as a team. You don’t see him very much but I can assure you he works a lot and I’m so proud to have his support everyday. Osiarah is a common project that we are really proud of and that has permitted us to discover a lot of really great people, like you, the readers and our appreciate collaborators.

When we first started the blog, we didn’t knew what to expect but we had an exact vision of what we wanted to share and produce. As we go along, we learn the job of a blogger, which is quite intense sometimes (and I’m sure I’m not the only one to say it haha). It takes time, dedication and a lot of imagination to be always actualizing and improving the website in a short period of time between different posts and I feel a lot of pressure when we are not on time to post a new article.

Well, with our different schedule at work recently, it has become so hard to just keep up with the usual rhythm we have been used to. We love working together so we can always improve and share different posts, but I think sometimes you just need a break to clear your mind. Yesterday it was our first time that during our common day off (which is quite rare), we didn’t had the mood to work on a new post. I felt bad about it, but I think it’s just necessary to take off your computer, take some fresh air and just step back from any social media. So, we spend the day at the beach, we just laid down, reading a book and listening to music, it was so good and relaxing. This quite time make us change our mind from our daily routine and as you can see, inspired me to write this post.

Have you have felt like this before? Has it happened to you this kind of situation? If you did, feel free to give any tips about what did you do to improve it! I would be really grateful to have some advice :) 

I share with you some random photos taken in Barcelona last autumn. Can’t wait to come back to this beautiful city x

With love,

Romper: Brandy Melville