How was your New Year Eve? For my part, I spent the 31st on my rooftop, with white wine and guacamole (of course) talking and laughing with Francisco. A calm and simple night, just the two of us and it was perfect, exactly what we needed.

For the first day of this New Year, we went at the beach (of course #2) and I was wearing one of the Christmas gifts I received from ALASOLAS, totally different from my usual bikini style. AlasOlas is a Mexican swimsuits brand, handmade in Playa del Carmen. I’ll talk more about this brand on an upcoming post.

This 50’s style bikini is a swimsuit that I was thinking about for a long time but I wasn’t sure if the high waist pant would fit my body. At the moment I tried it, I haven’t been disappointed; the prints, the materials and the size are perfect. I love it! I’m more that convinced with this new marvelous piece.

Thank you again, AlasOlas!

With love,