#Recette: Chia Coco Mango

#Recette: Chia Coco Mango

Hey girls! So today I've wanted to share something quite new on the blog: a recipe! This is the first one ever in here haha, so I didn't want to go for something complicated, only food easy to do and healthy at the same time.

To tell you the truth, I am far away from the perfect cook, and it isn't something that I enjoy actually. Some people like cooking meal and I admire that, because it has never been my case. However, I’ve always liked baking. Well, at least it's something haha, and the best part!

I had mango in my fridge ready-to-eat and some chia seeds, so I went for a “smoothie-pudding” with some coconut touch. Tropical vibes at the end of winter… All I needed! I found this recipe here and this is soo yummy!

What you need:

-        150g of mango                                          -    150g de mangue

-        200 ml of coconut milk                            -    200 ml de lait de coco

-        2 tbs of chia seeds                                    -    2 cuillères à soupe de grains de chia

-        2 tsp of grated coco                                 -    2 cuillère à café de coco rapé

-        3 tbs of agave syrup                                 -    3 cuillères à soupe de sirop d’agave

In a container, mix 150 ml of coconut milk with chia seeds, and add grated coco and agave syrup. Then, mix the mango and 50 ml of coconut milk.

So I let both mix on the fridge for the night, like this chia seeds blow up and give a mixture more compact.

After that, put the mixture with chia seeds on a recipient and pour the mango juice on top of it.

I recommend you to serve it in container little than mine, because this is really consistent.

Bon appétit! xx