Ocean Adventure

Ocean Adventure

Hello guys! As I told you in my latest post, we did some paddle yesterday and we're kind of addicted already! We tried for the first time last week, we really loved it so we decided to do it again. Some sport has never hurt anybody... :-) 

I have to say, I fell a thousand times and probably I spent the more of the time on my knees than stand up, but anyways, it was really nice and I can't wait to do it again! 

We went to Mamitas Beach here in Playa Del Carmen, we rent the equipment at Sup Playa, which is located just beside the Hyatt Hotel. I really recommend it if you want to do paddle, the owner is really nice and the prices are correct, related to the service and the equipment at your disposal.

Here is some pictures of our new hobby, enjoy!

Firma Camy.png