Minimalistic Watches

Minimalistic Watches

Hello hello everybody. I hope you had a nice weekend! 

If you follow my Instagram account, you may have noticed that watches are essentials accessories that I wear everyday with all my outfits.

Few weeks ago, I discovered the brand Andreas Osten and their minimalistic watches design. I ordered two from their collection - two different design that can fit both gender. I finally had my heart set on the black marble design (or course) and a more classic choice, a simple and timeless black and white one. Francisco wears his everyday and it doesn't look like a feminine watch so I'm well surprised, challenge completed! 

I chose this danish brand because their products are from Europe and because I'm always up to discover and help new brands to rise their products when it totally worth it. 

Christmas is coming, so if you were still undecided for what to buy to your partner... it's time to make a round in their website! I hope you guys like the photos xx

Have a nice week everyone.


Marble watch (REF: AO-176) / Black & White (REF: AO-174)