Mexican Dreamin'

After an entire day charging, here it is! I thought my Belgian Internet connection was bad, it was before discovering the Mexican one… It was supposed to be post yesterday afternoon therefore I’m a little late, sorry guys!

It’s our very first video, hope you all like it! It represents our first month here in Mexico and all the beautiful places we visited. This country is plentiful of histories, architecture and vibes, I can’t really explain the feeling but it’s overwhelming and I’m happy to share it with you all.

Cenotes, Mayan Ruins, Riviera Maya beaches and more. This place is heaven and I’m so glad to live here for the next few months! I can’t wait to discover new spots to lay down at the beach, to do snorkelling and to learn more about the local culture.

This video resumes pretty well our moments since we’ve arrived and how glad I am to can live this experience with Francisco, my lover, best friend, partner in crime and photographer.

Enjoy the video; feel free to give your feedback about it! Don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin to stay updated x

With love,