Mayan Ruins

Mayan Ruins
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We visited for the second time the Mayan Ruins in Tulum and it’s still as beautiful as I discovered it two years ago. The archaeological site has a particular signification to both of us and it was so magical come there again. Furthermore than our first date spot, the site contains so many histories and vibes that you can really feel when you enter.

The Mayan Ruins are an antic Mayan city that former, was the only city built on a coast. Well, the view is to die for, so I can understand why they chose it! At this time, the city was used as a port and also a location where they were practicing animal and human sacrifices in the name of the Gods.

So, we stayed there for a few hours, walking, taking a thousand of pictures and keeping amazed by the beauty of the place. There is a little beach just below the ruins where we laid down until the end of the day. Although there were a lot of tourists, it was still a perfect place to chill and enjoy on a perfect sunny Sunday.

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