Light Monday

Light Monday

Hi there!

It’s been a long time I was searching a sleeveless vest to accessorize a little more my looks, without dying of heatstroke. As you know, humidity is not my best friend here and every time I try to wear something more than a bikini or a short (even a bra is too much), I have to take a shower in the next 20 minutes. I love heat, really, but I also need to wear CLOTHES sometimes…

Anyways, I went for shopping and Hallelujaaaah, I finally found my happiness in this lightly pinkish vest, which is make to be worn with this top I bought in Belgium.

Today’s weather is a little bit better than the last few days, so we plan going to Cancun, maybe to learn how to surf (It might be interesting… I keep you in the loop) and showing you the amazing beaches over there!

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