July Essentials

I come to you today with my July’s essentials, so these are the accessories and beauty items that I’ve been using throughout the latest month and that became my everyday items.

Marble is the current obsession for every “Instagramer” and knowing my passion for deco and accessories I couldn’t resist ordering my Phone and iPad accessories like that. 

As I like contrast, I chose a black and a white version of it, for him and for her, and I’m so obsessed with the result! There are from CaseApp, a website that I had already heard about many times and I’m not disappointed. The product doesn’t worn out and the colours stay, a première for me, as I’m used to change mine every month due to the bad materials of some!

About my beauty essentials, they are just a few because I’m used to put just the minimum of make up on. First of all, because I’m very bad at make-up… I can watch tutorial videos all day long and it doesn’t change anything and then, because I’m always trying to be the more natural possible, even more during summertime. For that, I only use nude shades and I privilege powder as liquid base. Mascara, terracotta, concealer and just what I need of blush and I’m ready!

I let you check all my essentials above, I hope you like it!

With love,

Coques personnalisées CaseApp Marble Noir - Marble Blanc (-20% w/ the code OSIARAH20)