Hotspots Playa del Carmen

Hotspots Playa del Carmen

I wasn’t really in the mood today (I’m still not) for a photo shoot or even post something after what happened in France and Lebanon yesterday… I’m feeling sad, mad, confused and useless front of all that horror and madness. I send all my support and prayers to Paris, Beirut and every city in the world that suffer by terrorism. Anyways, I wanted to think about something else, to turn off the BBC news and I finally decided to share a new post with you.

So today I’ll talk to you guys about my favourites spots here in Playa del Carmen. I chose four places very different, whether for the food or the atmosphere and with prices really corrects.

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1.      Chez Céline

If you’re in love and really exigent (as me) of French pastries, then this place is made for you! It’s the only place where I feel eating like home and where they actually provide you the menu in French (sometimes my brain needs to hear -or read- my mother tongue... Sorry not sorry). Baguette, croissants, pain au chocolat, éclairs vanilla, lemon pie, Paris-Brest, etc. The menu has many choices; you can whether choose a breakfast with fresh juice and a baguette or a nice dinner with quiches, sandwiches or salads. I can’t deal. This place is heaven.

It’s located on Fifth Avenue, near Mamitas Beach and has a typical Parisian cafe atmosphere with terrace and French music all day long. The prices are similar as Europe in general.

2.      Little Teapot

Cute little spot hidden in the middle of the Fifth Avenue, the Little Teapot has a dozen of different flavours that the waitress offers you to smell for be sure to find the perfect one. You can drink it hot or cold (my favourite) and eat it with a homemade cookie or cupcakes (they’re divine).

3.      Sushi Club

After two weeks here, eating tacos, fajitas and burritos almost everyday, I needed an other kind of meal. I had Chez Celine for breakfast, the Little Teapot for teatime but I couldn’t find something different for the dinner.

I’m great sushi lover; I used to order at least twice a week when I was student so I had my favourite place in Belgium and there’s come my problem; when you find your place to eat sushi, you can’t change for something else. So I’m in Mexico, I want to eat sushi… and nothing was convincing me in every points (Did I tell you I was a food paranoiac? Well, now you know).

Last week a friend recommended me the Sushi Club restaurant and I haven’t been disappointed! Large menu, fresh products, good quality of the service and they prepare everything in the moment just front of you. Highly recommended and trust me, I’m really hard to convince!

4.      La Caguameria

It’s a really nice place to drink a cocktail and to eat typical Mexican food in a rustic Caribbean atmosphere. The menu contains a long variety of dishes that you can eat in the 2nd floor terrace of the restaurant, listening to music and enjoying the view over luxurious hotels just front of it. The restaurant is located in the first street just in front of the Royal Hotel, behind the Fifth Avenue, which means less abundance of tourists and more advantageous prices.