2015 has taught me so many lessons, made me see the world in different ways and gave me the opportunity to know beautiful persons and cultures.

On this last day of 2015, I share with you the 5 best lessons I’ve learned this latest year and some of my favourite moments:

1. Changes make you grow up. Changes are always positive. If you are afraid of it, and of course you will, it will make you grow up. Getting out of your comfort zone will get you know better and teach you what is real and what is not.

2. Don’t listen to other’s negativity and opinion. There will always be people that want you to fail on everything that you do in new projects, professional life and more. They will laugh, criticize and put you down in any way but just keep aiming to your goals and stay focus. Don’t let their negativity energy drain you.

3. Do what makes you happy. With love xx

4. Believe in yourself. Trust in your choices and don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Give the best of you in everything you do and make it happened.

5. Adventures are the best way to learn. Sometimes you have to take the leap of faith and just go. There are so many histories, cultures, locations and beautiful souls out there that you have to see and discover. 

I’m really glad and blessed all these journeys I’ve had the chance to live around the world. Can’t wait to know what you bring me, 2016! See you soon xx.

With love,