Farfetch has contacted me a few days ago to ask me what were my fashion resolutions for the upcoming year. I first thought “What a great question!” then I started wondering what it would be and it appeared to be more difficult that it seems. Furthermore, every resolution has to be represented by a fashion items. Not easy but… CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

After hours thinking about my five mains resolutions for 2016, I finally finalized my list:

1.     Feeling comfortable

Kenzo Logo Print Track Pants

This is my very first resolution (and for me the most important); feeling comfy in every thing that I wear, this is why I chose a track pants. Every girl should feel like in pyjama in every clothes that she has in her closet. I find a lot of clothes or shoes pretty; but sometimes I try it, it squeezes me or just kills my feet but I buy it anyway, because I really love it. It looks so beautiful but after an hour this is hell and I regret it. So, I want to be able to wear perfect slim that don’t press my butt and pumps that don’t break my feet bones.

2.     To be creative

Olympia Le-Tan "Playing Carts" Clutch

2016 is going to be for me the year of creativity. I want to try new styles and new combinations; I have already so many ideas on mind and I can’t wait to discover where my imagination can go.

3.     To be bold

Dolce & Gabbana Carretto Print Top

I used to stay in my “comfort zone” about style for a long time mainly because I was afraid about others opinion. For this New Year, I want to be audacious, to dare new extravagant clothes and to believe in my style choices and me. I think to be self-confident with extravagant clothes is going to be the hardest resolution but at the same time the best. This is definitely my favorite resolution to face the upcoming year.

4.     To be minimalist

Mugler V-Neck Dress

I wanted to try the minimalist style for a long time now. The more I grow up the more I love this trend; I’m from the 90’s so I think I have received the genes of it. As I said before, this New Year will be for me the boldest one that I’ll ever have. I like the extremes in general, so I’ll definitely wear different styles from the most extravagant one with colors and prints to the most minimalist with black and white palette colors.

5.     Play with textures

Valentino Geometric Panel Tulle Dress

Lace, leather, linen, tulle and silk are definitely going to be my best friends in 2016. I’ll have a great time playing with those textures that I think I don’t use enough. There is still some textures that I’ve never tried or that I don’t even know but I’ll search and try everything that I can. I believe that creating a mix of materials gives an other touch to your casual style in general; many combinations of products made a look to die for.

Hope you guys like this review for 2016!

With love,