#DIY DECO: Glitter & Silver

As you know we moved on one month ago in a new apartment and so we don’t have too much decoration. I had bottles of wine on stock, so here is a DIY if you want to decorate your interior with a low budget. You will need:

Bottles of wine / Silver spray / Silver Glitter / Newspapers / Liquid glue

First of all, take off the label off the bottle (it’s easier with solvent) to have your bottle without any mark. Spray the bottles uniformly until it cover the entire bottle and let it dry (I advice you to use newspapers to cover your floor or table, for not doing a mess). After few minutes, take one of the bottles and put the glue all over it uniformly (you can use your a paintbrush to help you) and wrap it with the silver glitter. It’s preferably to do the last step in the exterior or in the garage; like that you avoid doing a mess with the glitter, which is very annoying to clean!

This is my very first DIY, feel free to give your feedback and tell me if you want more! Hope you guys like it.

With love,