Hi there! ♡ 

Valentine's Day is at the corner and of course I'm sick. A flu in Mexico, with 24 degrees, it could only happened to me... 

Anyways, for my second day with headache and duck voice (thanks to my nose - so glamorous, isn't it?), I finally decided to go out and take some fresh air. I was (and I'm still not) in my best form but I can't stand staying in the apartment watching TV anymore (and with such a beautiful day outside!).

About my outfit, I was wearing a total look denim Forever 21 with a short and this thin (and perfect!!) shirt. I don't really like rigid shirts, I always feel like oppressed and not comfy but this one fits me perfectly. 

I wasn't sure about the idea of going out in a bikini with a flu so this outfit was just the perfect compromise.

Are you doing something for Valentine's Day mes jolies? Hope you have a great weekend x

With love,

Shirt: Forever21 / Short: Forever21 / Shoes: Adidas / Sunglasses: Stradivarius / Necklace: Bershka / Watch: Casio / Lipstick: Chanel