Day Off

Day Off

We used to go every time at the same beach near the Ruins in Tulum but this time we wanted to discover a new one, a little bit further. We hitchhiked and we found our perfect spot in a peaceful and traditional village apart from the noise and tourists. There were just a few typical restaurants and some exclusive Boutique hotels.

After a few minutes walking by the beach, we found our perfect place. It was a sunny and windy day, really good for getting some tanned without dying with the hot weather. We bought some fruits and coconut to stay hydrated and we watched the locals practicing kite surf. It was a really nice and simple day by the beach, getting to know and discover a little more this beautiful part of the world.

Sadly, as I start working, I will not be able to post as often as before. I will definitely do my best to work as much as I can on the blog and at least post three times per week, wish me luck. Hope you guys understand and stay tuned for more news and articles.

With love,