Cozy in the City

We couldn’t stay in one place after heading back to Belgium so the second day after our comeback, we went for a ride in the city of Luxembourg. 

I was pretty excited to receive this beige cardigan sweater from my latest order at Zara, and I wear it at the moment I opened the package. It has been mostly cloudy these last couple of days so it was definitely my best week purchase decision (haha). I wore it with a simple white t-shirt under it and I wasn’t freezing at all, it covers enough to not let the cold enter and the best part is that I feel like I’m wearing a pyjama. This is my dream cardigan sweater. Ever.

When I came home I had various packages waiting (the Mexican post was loosing my packages all the time so I had to order them again to receive everything in Belgium…) and these shoes were one of them. I was a little suspicious about the size, as I do a little 36 when it’s about heels (sometimes 35,5!), but they fit perfectly. 

I hope you’re all doing well x

With love,

Cardigan: Zara / Top: Zara / Pants: Cheap Monday / Shoes: Asos / Bag: Michael Kors / Watch: Casio