I’ve been posting few clues these last days on my Instagram account about a mysterious destination and some of you already know about it. Now it’s time to reveal it to ALL of you guys!

I’m excited and also nervous about it but I can’t keep it for myself anymore, so… In two days Francisco and I are leaving to Mexico (Guacamole, Corona and Fajitas, I’m coming for you). It’s been months we’ve been talking about it and we’re leaving soon! Oh my God, I still can’t believe it. 

So as you can imagine it’s like a mess in the house for choosing what to take, what to let here and also keeping in mind that I’m really leaving for months (or maybe more…)! I can’t take the smile off my face but I can imagine myself in exactly two days, literally freaking out!

YES, I’m leaving my beautiful little country cold as hell for an entire year of summer, paradises beaches and turquoises waters but you know... It’s not going to be easy to leave my family, my friends, my house, the Belgian food (Fries, chocolate, what am I going to do without them?) but it’s going to be ok, it’s all going to be OK.

Can’t wait to share all that with you and I hope you guys will enjoy reading and watching my future posts on this blog during this experience!

 With love,