These last couple of days have been great, since my return to Belgium I could see few friends and my family, everything needed to lift someone’s spirit!

After only 10 days after coming back, Francisco and I are now going to the next adventure tomorrow to Barcelona (have I already said that we were globetrotters?), I’m really excited to come back to one of my favourite cities! 

As I was doing my suitcase (more trying than doing it actually…), it reminded me how great were the last days of Mexico, only 2 weeks ago. Today I’m going to you with a few pictures of one of the last exploration that we did, in the Mayans ruins of Coba. We discovered the archaeological site on bicycle and climb up the main temple, with on the top the most amazing view to the jungle.

It’s such a beautiful location, I couldn’t wait more to show you! I hope you like it.

Ps: As you can see, we’re currently working on the website to upgrade it for you guys to have a better experience so don't pay attention to the current little bazar on the blog... It's going to be done soon!

With love,