Coat XXL

Hello beauties. I thought I was coming back to Belgium but it seems I landed in Siberia! It’s snowing outside and we are on April 28th… What’s happening?! 

The positive part is that I hadn’t had the chance to wear this huge coat this winter and the current weather is actually perfect to take it off the closet. This baby is from Massimo Dutti’s last winter collection, an important investment for a coat that I’m not used to spend but at the end, the product is ten times better than any other winter coat I’ve seen up to now. I chose it in medium size so it’s like really large on me, it was the result I was waiting for and I’m pretty satisfied!

I have few more outfits from my trip to Barcelona but with this weather, spring outfits weren’t really relevant… So it’s going to be for later!

With love,