#Chile: Valle de Elqui

#Chile: Valle de Elqui

Bonjour tout le monde!

Today’s post is about Valle de Elqui, a beautiful little town I visited few months ago in Chile. It’s located in the North of Santiago, in the middle of the Andes. This is, from far, the most beautiful village I’ve ever seen.

This trip was Francisco’s surprise; I didn’t know where we were going or even for how long. You can then imagine my face throughout the journey (6 hours of bus to La Serena and 2 more hours to arrive there) like “Where the hell he’s going to take me” but I was sooo excited. I love surprises.

We finally arrived and -Oh My God- this place is amazing. It was low season at this time so there was no sign of any tourists in town and we had a stunning house for us alone. Amazing (once again). It was autumn but it seemed the weather was still in summer and we enjoyed it as much as we could! I didn’t want to leave. Can’t wait to go again, this place is totally worth it and magical!

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