Braids & Suede Jacket

Braids & Suede Jacket

Today we move to our new apartment and fortunately, the day is colder than usual and it’s the first time I’m happy for that to happened! Moving with all our luggage and 30 degrees, thanks but… No thanks.

And here comes the time I probably fear the most… Packing. First of all, I’m one of a kind who takes hours to do its luggage and probably forgot to take the most important things. Then, I hate unpacking. I don’t know if I’m lazy but I always take days to unpack my luggage, to order everything right… I see all the clothes that need to be ironed, well fold and that exasperate me.

I’ve travelled a lot and I have to do it often but its every time the same thing, I wait, wait and wait, until I have no other choices than unpack and order. Ugh.

Anyways, before we move out, we found time to take some pictures and enjoyed the fresh air outside. I have been able to wear (for the first time here) my new suede jacket and I love it with this light romper. I wanted to try those Dutch braids for a while but I couldn’t do it by myself so Francisco tried it for the first time and this is the result! I absolutely love it!

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