Beach Day

Day off means every time the same thing: lay down at the beach and chill. It became our "tradition" and the only way to evacuate the weekly stress at work. The Riviera Maya has been cloudy and a little bit freezing these last couple of days and today wasn't an exception... But we need more than that for not going at the beach and enjoy. We forgot to take the camera today so the photos are from the iPhone, this is why the style is a little bit different. Hope you guys like it anyway! 

Well, then we decided to come home for eating a pizza and watching The Martian (I recommend it by the way). Lazy evening, exactly the way we like it!

I haven't been really present in the blog these days but I promise tomorrow I'm back!

How do you guys are used to spending your day off?And what kind of post would you like to see next? Your comments are always inspiring! Hope you all had an amazing day x

With love,