Back on Track

Back on Track

Hello everyone!

I haven’t been really connected these last two days, but I’m back on track! As I told you in my latest post, Francisco and I have moved in a new apartment so we have been really busy and we let out the blog for a few days.

So here are some pictures we took few months ago in Belgium, at the end of summer. It was one of the really first times we were taking fashion pictures, even before the creation of the blog. It wasn’t a long time ago but such a lot of things have changed since then!

So, here’s a little flashback when I bought the perfect jumpsuit of all times. It was love at first sight! I was searching this perfect kind of comfy jumpsuit for a long time but nothing really convinced me until this one. The one. I’m feeling like I’m in PJ’s all day long and this is soooo good.

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