Around El Barrio Gótico

Hello mes jolies! I’m coming to you today with my second outfit in Barcelona, a total look with tons of white and grey. You may have noted that colourful clothes are not my things haha, as my palette of colours is mainly composed by white, beige, grey and black. I couldn’t see myself wearing something too flashy, not because I don’t like it, but I just feel that it’s not my thing.

We did this photo session in the Barrio Gotico, certainly my favourite part of the city with its narrow old streets, plenty of local shops. We walked through the quarter without really thinking where we were going, and this is how I like cruising a city. You start in a street, and you just follow random others ones, until you lost (sometimes) yourself. This is the best way, for me, to explore and discover a city. 

About the French part of the blog, it’s on its way, don’t worry! It will be online soon. Have an amazing weekend everyone!

With love,

Dress: NewChic / Jacket: Dresslink / Short: Bershka / Shoes: Adidas / Chocker: Stradivarius / Sunglasses: American Eagle