Camy - 22 years old - Founder of Osiarah

Belgian-born, I had the chance to start travelling at a very young age through Europe, the Caribbean and North Africa. There for, it hasn’t been a surprise my fascination of going through adventures, exploring different cities and places, discovering new cultures and landscapes as a way of fascinate myself and feel overwhelmed, making travels my way of living. I’m one of the kind who needs sun, beaches and also warm weather to survive, so in Belgium as you guys know… it’s not really like that. Thanks to the studies I’ve made in Hotel Management, I had the chance to live abroad for few months, particularly in Chile and Mexico.

This blog is a place where I want to share my moments abroad, discoveries and my love for fashion, food and lifestyle. I hope you guys will enjoy reading it and, as me, just take the leap of faith and go for your dreams. Whether it ends good or bad, it’s going to be an experience you should live and take the best of it. 


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Osiarah was created in October 2015, after months thinking about it. We wanted a way to express ourselves, to share what we love about fashion, photography, food and more. Osiarah has also been created with the concept of virtual travelling, a way to share a gallery where all our lectors can follow our travels, experiences and discoveries around the world.

Why Osiarah?

Osiarah is the word Paraiso written backwards. We decided to change the final letter to be more attractive. Paraiso means “Paradise” in English but more than that, it represents our favourite beach in Mexico, where we had our first date. This place means a lot for us and it was as an evidence that our blog’s name would include it.

We hope you guys will enjoy following our adventures, discovering us and escaping for few minutes through our articles.